Business Administration Salary

Business Administration Salary

Your business administration salary will vary depending on what particular type of company you work for. It will also vary depending upon how big the organization is and how many people are working with you or under you. If you work for a smaller company, and you become employed as a business administration manager, you will probably be the only office manager that is employed by the entire company. But if you work for a much larger company there will probably be a team of business administration managers that all split the various workloads according to what your particular type of expertise is.

Now let’s take a brief look at a projected business administration salary that you may potentially receive. When talking about business administration managers, the median income for the managers in this particular field during the year 2010 was $73,520. If you were on the upper tier of this scale than you received an average salary of $129,770 per year. But if you are in the middle of this scale than your salary range from $52,320-$98,990. But those who were in the bottom 10% only earned roughly $38,460 per year. So it all depends on what type of company you work for and just how big that particular business happens to be.

If you earned a business administration salary as an office manager for a corporation your median income throughout 2010 was $85,980 per year. If you were a manager at a hospital than your median income was in the neighborhood of $77,860 per year. The people who held managerial positions for their local government took home a median income of $74,458 per year during 2010.

Some other business administration salary requirements from a managerial standpoint are as follows: If you were occupied as a manager of a professional school or university then the median income salary you received was $72,460 per year. But if you work for the state government then the median income salary you received was $65,690 per year.

As you can see, earning a business administration salary from the standpoint of a manager can be very lucrative for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to earn their degree or necessary training that will allow them to bring home these amazing salaries every year. I highly recommend you consider breaking into this field today.