Business Degree Jobs

Business Degree Jobs

There are definitely quite a few business degree jobs available if you are the owner of a bachelors degree or better. These jobs will allow you to use the skills that you acquire as a student in college so you can put the information you learned into practice in the real world.

Some of the things you may end up doing with these types of degrees are as follows: managing employees, researching and analyzing trends in the stock market or even potentially managing operations for a company that hires you. Below is a brief look at some of the highest paying and most popular business degree jobs that a college graduate might want to pursue.

Possible Job Opportunities

Financial Analyst

The first on the list of business degree jobs we will talk about is a financial analyst. If you are a financial analyst it is your job to follow different trends in the stock market as well as look into companies so you can make certain predictions in the area of economics. If you are a financial analyst you will help your company make informed decisions about investments that they should pursue in the future. The average salary of a financial analyst is currently $87,780.

Market Researcher

The next on our list of business degree jobs that we will look at is the field of market researcher. Your goal as a market researcher is to deliver customer satisfaction. You will create focus groups and also conduct research by doing surveys of a business’s customers.

Then you need to analyze these questions and answers so you can figure out how they can be incorporated into a business to help people improve their daily lives. When you get results of this type of research you will usually use that information to create new products and promotions as well as advertising campaigns for your customers. These will be very targeted and will be exactly what the general public is looking for. The average salary of a market researcher is currently $67,360.


Another excellent field for business degree jobs is to become an economist. As an economist, you will study trends that take place throughout the global economy and you will analyze these trends that happen between consumers and producers.

You will learn to understand how people buy goods and how goods and services are made. Plus you’ll learn all of the factors that come into play that make these goods and services a necessity. This will allow you to make informed decisions and predictions for future economic needs. The average salary of an economist is currently $90,830.


The last of the business degree jobs we will take a look at is becoming an accountant. In this profession, you will create and file tax reports for the businesses and individuals that you work for. But that’s not all, as you could also decide to work in external audits.